Adult Sessions Camp isn't just for kids!

Adult Sessions

Camp Wawbeek divides its weekend and summer sessions by age, to provide engaging activities for the entire group, and encourage social development. Camp Wawbeek offers three different sessions for adults.


The general Adults Session is for anyone age 18 and older. This camp includes all of the fun activities you would want at summer camp with people your own age.

Older Adults 

This camp session is for older adults, age 40 and older.  If you are over the age of 40, however, you can attend ANY of the adult sessions, not just the Older Adults session.

Pioneer Camp

This program is designed for the adventurous-at-heart. Campers not only participate in the traditional programming at camp which includes canoeing, fishing, and swinging down the zip line on our accessible high ropes course, they take it a step further. To test their pioneering spirit, they also journey to a state park where activities include hiking, cooking over an open fire, and sleeping out under the stars.  Campers in these sessions spend as much time outside as they can. Campers must be aware that they will NOT be staying in the lodges, but camping outside.

Pioneer Camp Song

“We are from Pioneer
Our camp is the neatest
We fight the mosquitoes-
They’re seven feet tall.
The skeeters may eat us
But they’ll never beat us
‘Cause we are from Pioneer
And we’re off the wall.
Sing, sing, sing, singing
Oomgowa oomgowa oomgowa oomgowa
Oomgowa Oomgawa oomgowawa (repeat).”

Additional Information

For any questions you may have regarding our Adult Sessions, please contact our Camp office via e-mail or by phone at 608.237.1979. To view the latest Camp Wawbeek schedule, please visit our calendar. To find out how to register for camp, visit our registration page.