Camp Calendar Camp Wawbeek & Wisconsin Elks/Easterseals Respite Camp

2022-2023 Camp Calendar 

**We will begin registering for earliest sessions first. Summer sessions will not be registered until after January 1, 2023.** Get started on registration today!

23-25: Veterans Family Camp

2: Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser
7-9: Respite Camp (Adults)
21-23: Camp Wawbeek (Transitions Camp)

4-6: Respite Camp (Youth)
18-20: Camp Wawbeek (Adults)

2-4: Respite Camp (Young Adults)
16-18: Camp Wawbeek (Transitions Camp)
28-30: Respite Camp (Adults) / Camp Wawbeek (Youth)

27-29: Respite Camp (Young Adults)

3-5: Camp Wawbeek (HFA)
10-12: Respite (Adults)
24-26: Camp Wawbeek (Transitions)

10-12: Camp Wawbeek (Adults)
17-19: Respite Camp (Youth)
31-April 2: Camp Wawbeek (Transitions)

7-9: Respite Camp (Adults)
21-23: Respite Camp (Youth)
28-30: Veterans Family Camp

6: Camp Clean-Up Day!

11-16: Respite Camp (Adults) & Camp Wawbeek (Adults)
18-23: Respite Camp (Young Adults/Adventure Week*) & Camp Wawbeek (Young Adults)
25-30: Respite Camp (Youth) & Camp Wawbeek (Youth)

2-7: Respite Camp (Adults) & Camp Wawbeek (Adults), & Pioneer Camp
9-14: Respite Camp (Youth) & Camp Wawbeek (HFA)
16-21: Respite Camp (Youth), Camp Wawbeek (Youth)
23-28: Respite Camp (Adults) & Camp Wawbeek (Older Adults), & Pioneer
30-Aug. 4: Respite Camp (Adults)

6-11: Respite Camp (Young Adults)
13-18: Respite Camp (Adults) & Camp Wawbeek (Adults)

*Adventure Week (Respite Camp): This program is designed for campers (ages 15-25) that are looking for a more rustic camp experience. During Adventure Week, campers will sleep under the stars three of the five nights they are here. They will still get to participate in all our typical camp programing, but they will also get to go on a canoe trip, as well as get to hike the trails and participate in more nature-based programming here at camp.

SESSION FEES (effective 9/6/2022)

Camp Wawbeek
Easterseals Wisconsin Camp Wawbeek

Session / Fee
Weekend (Oct.-Dec. 2022) = $414

Weekend (Jan.-April 2023) = $475
6-Day Session = $1,127

Respite Camp
Wisconsin Elks/Easterseals Wisconsin Respite Camp

Session / Fee
Weekend (Oct.-Dec. 2022) = $475

Weekend (Jan.-April 2023) = $565
6-Day Session = $1,550