Camp Wawbeek Offering a variety of age-based programs for children and adults to get the most out of their camp experience

Camp Wawbeek

The longest continuously-operating Easter Seals camp in the nation, Easter Seals Wisconsin Camp Wawbeek began providing services to children and adults with physical disabilities in 1938. By striving to keep pace with the changing needs of our campers and community, Camp Wawbeek continues to evolve and thrive.


Camp Wawbeek has a registered nurse living on-site and one counselor for every two-three campers. Provided they are able to succeed in a small group setting, all campers with physical or mild cognitive disabilities or those who need behavior support can attend Camp Wawbeek. Counselors are trained to meet the individual needs of each camper whether that’s assisting with personal care or providing emotional and social support as campers make new friends and try new activities. Parents and caregivers can take comfort in knowing that their loved ones’ needs are being met, allowing them the opportunity to relax and reconnect with family and friends.

Program Activities

There is always something to do at Camp Wawbeek. When campers aren’t boating, fishing, hiking or swimming, they’re playing basketball, painting, racing through obstacle courses, exploring attractions in Wisconsin Dells, or flying through the air on a zip line! Everything is fully accessible and campers are encouraged to challenge themselves with new experiences and set goals for new accomplishments.

For campers of all ages, there is also time to relax, make new friends and reminisce with old ones. Evenings bring campfires, dances, special events and each day ends with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Who Can Attend?

Camp Wawbeek serves children and adults age seven and up. During the summer, six-day Youth and Teen sessions are available as well as six-day Adult, Young Adult, and Transition sessions. Sessions are also available various weekends from September through May.

Adult sessions (Ages 18+)

Camp Wawbeek divides its weekend and summer sessions by age, to provide engaging activities for the entire group and encourage social development.  

Adults Sessions

Older Adults

Pioneer Camp

Youth and Teen sessions (Ages 7-18)

Just as Camp Wawbeek has specific weekend and summer sessions for adults, there are specific dates for youth as well.  The Youth and Teen Sessions are for ages 7-18 with a special 4-day Holiday session taking place between Christmas and New Year’s.

Transitions or Young Adult sessions 

High-Functioning Autism

Additional Information

For any questions you may have regarding Camp Wawbeek, please contact our camp office via e-mail or by phone at 608-237-1979. To view the latest Camp Wawbeek schedule, please visit our calendar.  To find out how to register for Camp Wawbeek, visit our registration page.