History of Respite Camp Providing specialized care where it’s needed.

History of Respite Camp

Throughout the years, Easterseals Wisconsin Camps has continued to develop new camp sessions and adapt to the changing needs of the growing population. In the early 1990s, Easterseals Wisconsin Camps saw a void in respite services available to families and caregivers of children and adults with disabilities. With the support of the Wisconsin Elks lodges and State Major Project, the Wisconsin Elks/Easterseals Wisconsin Respite Camp was created in 1992.

Children, teenagers, and adults with developmental and/or physical disabilities can require lots of time, care, and attention to continue living at home. They rely on loving family members to meet their complex care needs, develop to their full potential, and enjoy life.

Families of people with disabilities often find themselves needing a break from the extra energy and time it takes to care for someone with a disability in their home. It is easy to focus their care on the family member with disabilities, while other relationships are neglected. If there are other children in the household, it can be a challenge to give the attention needed while caring for someone with complex needs.

The Wisconsin Elks/Easterseals Respite Camp is designed to give families a break from these demands, while providing their loved ones with a safe, nurturing, and fun experience. Families often use this time to reconnect, take a vacation, have a date night, or just enjoy a full night’s sleep.