Youth & Teen Sessions A fully-accessible camp experience!

Youth & Teen

The general youth & teen sessions are offered to anyone from age 7-18 throughout the summer, weekend during the fall and spring, and the popular 4-Day Holiday session that takes place between Christmas and New Year’s.

High-Functioning Autism

Approximately 1.5 million Americans have some form of autism. To help meet the needs of this growing population, Easter Seals Wisconsin has created sessions for campers ages 10-25 with Asperger Syndrome andHigh-Functioning Autism (HFA) spectrum disorders. These sessions are for campers who have a primary diagnosis of HFA, Tourette Syndrome/OCD, ADD/ADHD or traits similar to those who do.

Campers are divided into age groups and take full advantage of Easter Seals’ 400 beautifully-wooded acres as they engage in age-appropriate activities designed to promote positive social interactions. Our well-trained staff members are always on hand to encourage participation in activities, both old and new, and to assist in fostering relationships between the campers, helping them to form friendships with their peers. They also ensure that each camper’s emotional needs are met. A ratio of one staff member to every two campers is maintained, with the opportunity for one-to-one support as needed.

Transitions Program

Transition weekend sessions are held throughout the school year and summer at Camp Wawbeek for campers ages 15-25 who are ready to learn about setting goals, caring for themselves independently, work, money, how to cook, and how to work together with peers. Activities are intentionally planned to learn something while having fun – exactly what camp is all about! Campers who meet the Camp Wawbeek criteria are able to attend the Transition program.

Here’s an inside look at our Transitions Program.

Additional Information

For any questions you may have regarding our Youth & Teen sessions, please contact our camp office via e-mail or by phone at 608-237-1979. To view the latest Camp Wawbeek schedule, please visit our calendar.  To find out how to register for these sessions, visit our registration page.